Nanchang A-5 Fantan

Country of Origin: China
Type: Ground attack aircraft.
Powerplants: Two 25.5kN (5732lb) dry and 31.9kN (7165lb) with afterburning Shenyang WP6 turbojets.
Performance: Man speed at 36,000ft Mach 1.12 or 1190km/h (643kt), max speed at sea level 1210km/h (653kt). Max rate of climb at 16,400ft, 16,430 to 20,275ft/min. Service ceiling 52,000ft. Range with max internal and external fuel 2000km (1080nm). Combat radius with max external stores hi-lo-hi 600km (325nm), lo-lo-lo 400km (215nm).
Weights: Empty 6375kg (14,054lb) max takeoff 12,000kg (26,455lb).
Accommodations: Pilot only.
Armament: Two Norinco Tpye 23 23mm cannons. Ten external hardpoints for a max ordnance load 2000kg (4410lb) including bombs, rockets, AAMs and ASMs. Some Chinese aircraft believed to be modified to carry a 5 to 20kT nuclear bomb.
Operators: Bangladesh, China, Myanmar, North Korea, Pakistan.
History: The Nanchang Q-5 (western designation A-5) is a close support/ ground attack fighter developed from China's Mig-19 copy.
Development of the Q-5 began in 1958, with Shenyang undertaking initial work and mockup construction and assisting Nanchang with subsequent detail design.Construction of the first prototype began in May 1960 but the prototype program was cancelled in 1961. The program was reinitiated in 1963 and the first flight was on June 4 1965 and subsequent testing revealed the need for a number of modifications. The second two prototypes with the modifications flew in late 1969 and production aircraft were delivered from 1970.

The Q-5 retains the rear fuselage and powerplants of the J-6, but features a stretched area ruled fuselage with an internal weapons bay, side mounted air intakes, a new conical nose and larger wings with less sweepback. Initial production was of the Q-5. The longer longer range Q-5 I has extra fuel in place of the internal weapons bay. Chinese Navy Q-5 Is may have been fitted with a radar and can carry C-801 anti ship missiles and torpedoes. The Q-5 IA gained two extra hardpoints and the Q-5 II is fitted with a radar warning receiver.

The A-5C was develpoed for the Pakistan Air Force and is based on the Q-5 I but with upgraded western avionics and compatibility with western weapons. The export A-5K with Thompson-CSF laser rangefinder was cancelled in 1990. A-5M is also intended for export and features improved engines eith Alenia avionics based on those in the AMX including a ranging radar, INS, HUD, and RWR. It first flew in 1988, but none have been sold.

PAF Squadrons:
  • No. 16 'Black Panthers' Squadron
  • No. 26 'Black Spiders' Squadron