No. 26 Squadron

In 1989, apart from Flat Out and Wide Awake exercises, this squadron also took part in air-to-air firing camp at PAF Base Masroor. The squadron also took part in the Inter-Squadron Armament Competition and the Officer Commanding, Wing Commander Wali Mughni, was declared 'Sher Afgan'. During the month of April 1989, the squadron's pilots ferried the aircraft to China for overhaul. The squadron was runner-up in the ACES for the year 1989. It also took part in Exercise High Mark-89.

During 1991, Martin Baker seats were installed on four A-5 aircraft. During 1992, the squadron participated in a DACT Camp, which was held at PAF Base Minhas. Apart from some air defence exercises, the squadron also conducted routine exercises like Flat Out and Wide Awake. The squadron won the 'Sarfraz Rafiqui Flight Safety Trophy' for the year 1992.

In 1993, the squadron participated in exercise High Mark-93 while operating from Murid. The squadron won the 'Chief of Air Staff Professionals Trophy' along with the 'Sarfraz Rafiqui Trophy' for the year 1994. During exercise High Mark-95, the squadron was deployed at Jacobabad. In 1996, the squadron won the 'Sarfraz Rafiqui Trophy' as well as the ACES Trophy.

A Turkish delegation comprising two officers and three cadets visited the squadron during 1997. The squadron also participated in Exercise Saffron Bandit during the same year. In 1998, a contigent of three A-5s and as many pilots from the squadron took part in the Live Missile Firing Camp held at Masroor. From 14 to 30 December 1998, the squadron participated in the DACT camp held at Minhas. In that camp, ten A-5 aricraft and all the pilots of 26 Squadron took part. The other participating units were 8 and 16 Squadrons.

In October 1998, the squadron was deployed at PAF Base Sargodha with eight A-5 aircraft and ten pilots to complete armament cyclic training for 1998. During the nineteen day stay from 5 to 24 October 1998, the squadron flew 246 armament sorties.