Pakistan Air Force


Sept 30, 2003
Mirage 5
Hub 1 OK The Mirage aircraft from Masroor AFB crashed on the outskirts of the town on Hub, Baluchistan around 1:45pm. The pilot was able to eject safely and there were no injuries on ground.
Aug 18, 2003
Makhad 1 OK  
Jul 12, 2003
Nr Chakwal 1 K  
Apr 24, 2003
- - S.No. 58614
Feb 20, 2003
Fokker F27
Nr Kohat 17 K The Fokker F27, S. no. J-10254, crashed into the Cherat mountain range in a remote region of northwestern Pakistan near Kohat, killing all 17 people on board. The control tower at the Kohat Air Base lost contact with the Fokker-27 turboprop aircraft shortly before it was to land. The plane had been airborne for only 17 minutes. Those killed were identified as Air Marshall Pakistan Air Force Musaf Ali Mir, Messers Musaf Ali Meer Begum Balqees, Air Vice Marshall Abdul Razzak, Air Vice Marshall M. Saleem A. Nawaz, Air Commodore Syed JAveed Sabir, Air Commodore Rizwan-ullah Khan, Group Captain Aftan Chema, Wing Commander Syed Tabasum Abbass, Squadron Leader and Plane Captain Ahmed, Squadron Leader and Assistant Pilot Abdul-Rab, Squadron Leader Mumtaz Kiyani, Senior Technician Khan Mohammad, Senior Tecnician Ashraf, Senior Technician Ghaznaffar, CPL Technician Fiyyaz, CPL Technician Khoosh Qada Shah and CPL Technician Amjad Shamil. The air force chief was on his way to Kohat from Islamabad to conduct an annual inspection of the air base when the plane went down.
Feb 10, 2003
Nr Chakwal 1 K The A-5 crashed on ground at Balksar Interchange near Chakwal. The pilot, Flt. Lt. Nadeem Bhatti recieved fatal injuries after failing to eject.
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Dec 10, 2002
2 x F-7PG
Mastung 2 OK The two F-7PGs collided mid-air during air combar training in Mastung district, some 60km south of Quetta. The fighters belonging to the No. 23 Squadron took off from Samungli AFB at 10:55am and collided 20 minutes later. Both pilots, Wng Cmdr Tariq and Flt Lt Mohsin were able to eject safely. The wreckage of one place fell in Choto area while the other crashed in Sufaid Bolundi area of Deringer.
Nov 15, 2002
Mirage 5PA
Shorkot 1 K The Mirage Serial No. 405 of Rafiqui PAF Airbase, Shorkot crashed on Friday at about 12.20 noon near Chak No 411 JB some 20 km from Toba Tek Singh on Toba-Khumanan Wala Road. It was reported that the pilot, Squadron Leader Hasnat Ikram died from injuries. The plane fell some hundred yards away from a road on a deserted place. Shorkot Airbase officials reached the spot and started shifting the debris of the plane to the airbase. There was, however, no loss of civilian life or property on the ground. The control tower at the air base had lost radio contact with the aircraft soon after it took off.
Oct 29, 2002
Bell 206B
- all OK The Army Aviation Bell 206B landed hard in a mountainous area. The helicopter recieved significant damage to the under carriage but all occupants were able to escape safely.
Masroor 1 K Group Capt killed.
July 17, 2002
Adam Khan - 40km short of Masroor.
Mianwali - -
Peshawar 1 K No.16 Squadron plane.
Apr 25, 2002
Mirage 5F
Kamra - No.25 Squadron plane.
Apr 20, 2002
Samungli 1 OK Last crash of the F-6 in PAF service.
Mar 26, 2002
Multan 1 OK An F-7P fighter aircraft crashed 16km south of Multan during a training mission on Monday only five minutes after the plane took off from its base. The pilot, flight lieutenant Naveed Ahmed, tried but failed to land safely after the plane developed a technical fault and ejected safely.
Mar 18, 2002
Quetta 1 OK The F-6 crashed during a training flight near Quetta. The pilot ejected safely but sustained some minor injuries.
Feb 6, 2002
Mirpurkhas 1 OK The F-7 on a solo training flight crashed in southern part of Sind near Mirpurkhas. The pilot ejected safely.
Jan 24, 2002
Mirage 5PA3
Arabain Sea 1 K The Mirage 5PA3 from No. 7 Sqd. crashed somewhere in the Arabian Sea during a solo training mission around 7:30p.m. SAR efforts were not able to locate the pilot or the aircraft wreckage as the aircraft did not broadcast a distress signal. The pilot, Wing Commander Nazar is still missing and presumed dead.
Jan 17, 2002
Chakwal 1 K The A-5 from No. 26 Sqd. took off from Murid Airbase at 11:00a.m. but crashed near chakwal after developing a snag. The pilot ejected at low level but was killed when he hit the tree immediately afterwards.
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Sept 27, 2001
Masroor 1 K The F-7 fighter crashed in the Mochko Hills, near Masroor Airbase in western district of Karachi. The pilot, Flying Officer Shahid, ejected but was killed when the chute failed to open.
Aug 27, 2001
- - -
Aug 12, 2001
Quetta 1 OK A PAF fighter jet crashed near Samungli Air Field, Quetta during a routine training flight. The pilot, however, ejected safely and no damage to life and property on crash site was reported.
Jul 26, 2001
Mirage 3O
Masroor 1 K The Mirage IIIO(A) that took-off from Masroor AFB impacted terrain during a night mission near Hub river, killing Gp Capt Ali Asad, Officer Commanding (Flying). The cause of the crash seems to be spatial disorientation.
Jun 18, 2001
Peshawar 1 OK The fighter crashed during a routine flight near Peshawar. The pilot ejected safely.
May 30, 2001
Mianwali 1 OK The fighter crashed during a routine flight near Mianwali. The pilot ejected safely.
Apr 26, 2001
Mirage 5F
Attock 1 OK The Mirage 5F, serial no. 752, crashed in Bhakwal village of Khore area of Attock district. The aircraft took its flight from Minhas Base and fell after a short while of its take off. Squadron Leader Ihtesham was able to eject safely.
Apr 18, 2001
Samungli 1 OK The F-6 crashed in the suburbs of the provincial capital near Samungli airbase on Friday. However, the pilot ejected safely. The plane was on its routine exercise and while landing it met the disaster.
Mar 20, 2001
Nur Pur - Crashed in Khusab district.
Jan 25, 2001
Mianwali 1 OK The F-7P fighter from Mianwali Airbase crashed during a training sortie. Pilot Faazi was able to eject safely.