Pakistan Air Force


Feb 6, 1996 Fighter Nr Mansir Camp 1 OK A fighter plane while on a routine training mission crashed today near Manser Camp in district Attock in northwestern Pakistan. No casualty was reported so far as the pilot of the aircraft ejected safely.
Mar 23, 1996 F-7P - - Crashed after a mid-air collision.
May 8, 1996 Jet trainer Isa Khel 1 K, 1 OK A pilot was killed as a jet trainer aircraft of PAF crashed on a routine training mission. According to a press release from Pakistan Army's ISPR, the other pilot managed to eject safely when the aircraft crashed near Isa Khel, about 190 kilometers southwest of islamabad.
Aug 13, 1996 F-6 Paindabad 3 K An F-6 crashed in a camp in the outskirts of Quetta. The pilot ejected but was seriously injured and removed to a military hospital by a helicopter. Three people on ground died while another 11 were injured. The pilot had tried to steer the aircraft to the airbase after it developed a technical fault during a routine training flight, but the jet plunged to the ground in village Paindabad, located in the city's outskirts.
Aug 27, 1996 F-6 Paind Khan Village 3 K, 13 Inj Three villagers were killed and 13 injured when a Pakistan Air Force F-6 fighter crashed into Paind Khan village near Samungli Air Base. The pilot sustained only superficial injuries.
Sep 15, 1996 Fighter Balouchistan 1 OK Pilot ejected safely. The plane was on a routine training flight.
Sep 20, 1995 Trainer Risalpur 1 K -
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Jan 20, 1997 Fighter Nr Chakwal 1 K A fighter aircraft of Pakistan Airforce crashed today near chakwal, about 80 kilometers south of the capital. The pilot of the ill-fated aircraft, flying officer Syed Ahmar Tamkeen, received fatal injuries. An immediate inquiry has been ordered to determine the cause of the accident.
Feb 14, 1997 FT-6 - 1 OK The plane crashed after a bird strike. The pilot ejected safely.
Mar 25, 1997 Fighter Hub Choki 1 OK -
Sep 7, 1997 F-7P Mianwali AB 1 OK -
Oct 3, 1997 F-7P Bhakkar 1 OK The F-7P fighter crashed near Lahore due to a bird strike injuring a farmer on the ground.
Nov 21, 1997 F-6 Nr Quetta 1 K Crashed near Saranan, about 30 km (18.5 miles) south of Quetta in Baluchistan province while on a routine flight with two other aircraft. The pilot, Flt. Lt. Zarrar Rahman Niazi, ejected but was killed when his parachute failed to open.
Dec 13, 1997 Mirage Masroor AB 1 K A fighter aircraft crashed during a routine training flight near the southern city of Karachi. The aircraft caught fire and crashed near the runway while landing at Masroor airbase. Pilot Flt Lt Rashid Khan died soon after of his injuries.The 26-year-old pilot, who was due to be married soon, was on a routine training flight.
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Mar 4, 1998 SA-316B Alouette Sohawa 4 K Crashed near Sohwa, Jhelum district killing all four.
Apr 12, 1998 Trainer Risalpur 1 OK -
Apr 24, 1998 Fighter - - -
Jun 17, 1998 A-5C Fantan Nr Rawalpindi 1 OK -
Jun 22, 1998 SA-330J Puma Multan 6 K Couldn't find a landing spot after a severe wind storm. Maj Khalid Javed, Maj Tahir. Capt Shehzad, Flight Eng Nabi Subedar Waris Gul, Naik Mohammed Farooq Butt & Naik Shafiq were returning from a 2-hr training flight. The helicopter returned to the Multan Airport on time but failed to see light signals from the terminal. The Puma kept hovering over the airport for about 25 minutes waiting to land but ran out of fuel and hit a tree at Langrial Road, engulfing in fire. Unconfirmed report put the death toll to seven.
Jul 30, 1998 F-7P Karachi 6 K, 1 OK Crashed at 1230hrs in a crowded street 6 of Data Nagar at Orangi Town, killing six on ground and injuring another 25. The plane had developed engine trouble while on approach to land at Masroor AB after a training flight and when the engine seized at 1,500ft the pilot tried his best to steer the aircraft away from homes, delaying his ejection just before the crash and his parachute got entangled in power cables only 100 yards from the plane. He was rescued by a PAF helicopter that arrived shortly after at the scene.
Sep 7, 1998 F-7P - - -
Sep 10, 1998 2 C-130Bs Chaklala AB 5 K S no. 23491 & 24143 of 6 Sqn. Collided with another parked C-130B after brake failure due to a fire resulting in loss of control. Those killed were Sqd Leader Nadeem Qasim (Pilot), Flight Lieutenant Amir Rana (Co-pilot), Sqd Ldr Sohail (who succumbed to his burns in the military hospital), Flying Officer Bilal, and Warrant Officer Khalid.
Sep 23, 1998 A-5C Fantan Pindi Gheb 1 OK Crashed during a routine flight near Pindi Gheb in Attok District, 90km south west of Islamabad.
Nov 6, 1998 F-6 - - -
- Helicopter Lahore 4 K, 6 Inj -
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Feb, 1999 F-6 - - -
Feb 9, 1999 F-7P Chakwal 1 K -
Mar 4, 1999 A-5C Fantan Nr Quetta 1 OK -
Mar 11, 1999 A-5C Fantan Nr Quetta 1 OK -
Mar 25, 1999 MFI-17 Mushshak Nr Risalpur 1 K From PAF Academy Risalpur.
May 5, 1999 Jet Trainer Nr Mianwali 2 OK A PAF fighter trainer crashed Wednesday in punjab province and the two crew members ejected safely. The plane, which was on a routine training mission, crashed near mianwali airbase, about 200 kilometers southwest of islamabad, according to a press release by the directorate of public relations of pakistan air force.
Jun 10, 1999 SA-330J Puma Sakurdu 11 K Brig. Nusrat Khan Sial (Shaheed), Artillery Commander amongst those 11 killed.
Jun 30, 1999 PA Mushshak Nr Multan 2 K The Pakistan Army Mushshak from the 16 Sqn. crashed during a training flight in punjab province killing both pilots on board. The plane lost contact with the control tower in multan shortly after takeoff and a military helicopter went out in search of the missing aircraft and found the crash site some 20 kilometers from multan. Maj. Waseem was amongst the 2 killed.
Aug 10, 1999 PN Atlantic Nr Badin 16 K A Pakistan Navy ASW Atlantic c/n 33 of the 29 Sqd was cowerdly shot down by two Indian Mig-21s that violated into Pakistani airspace and left after firing an air-to-air missile at the propellor driven aircraft. The Atlantic had taken off from PNS Mehran at 9:15am and was on-bound to Karachi for a 4 hour flight to Karachi when at 10:55am ground control lost all contact with the plane. The wreckage was later found some two miles inside the Pakistani border. The crew included the following personnel. Lt Comdr Mehboob, Comdr Farasat of DHA Karachi, Lt Rizwan Masood, Lt Azhar, Lt Zarrar, sailor Mohammed Tariq, sailor Nawazish, sailor Mohammed Hussain, sailor Mohammed Sarwar, sailor Aftab Ahmed, sailor Mohammed Riaz, sailor Wahid Iqbal, sailor Mohammad Yasin, sailor Mohammad Hafeez, sailor S. Mehmood and sailor M. N. Masood.
Oct 26, 1999 Mirage IIIE Masroor 1 OK The Mirage fighter was on a routine flight when it crashed north of its base near Karachi. The pilot ejected safely.
Oct 29, 1999 P-3C-II.5 Orion Pasni 21 Killed The P-3C Orion of the 28 Sqn. serialled 83, was on an exercise with other ships and aircraft from Masroor AB in Karachi. It went missing 3 hours after take-off and its wreckage was located 6 hours later by search helicopters. All on board which included 10 officers and 11 sailors were killed in the crash. Reason for the crash is yet unknown. The aircraft, bearing serial number 83, was under command of 29 Squadron P-3C Officer Commander Khawar. Among officers on board the aircraft which had taken off from PNS Mehran were: Commander Khawar (Karachi), Commander Shahzad Ahmed (Jinnahabad, Abottabad), Lieut Commander Amir Hafiz (Lahore), Lieut Commander Imran Tahir (Lahore), Lieut Commander Ahmed Shehryar (Rawalpindi), Lieut Qadeer Akram (Lahore), Lieut Tariq Mehmood (Wah Cantt, Rawalpindi), and Lieut Waheed Rehan (D.I.Khan). Among the Petty Officers were Fazal Mir, CAFA (Jalalpur Jattan), Munir Ahmed, CSNA ( Jaranwala, Faisalabad), Mohammad Anwar CSNA (Mong, Mandi Bahauddin), Abid Rafiq Siddiqui AWA II (Karachi), Sarfraz Ahmed ARA-II (Manchabad, Bahawalnagar), Mohammad Yasin Khan CA-III (Bagh, Azad Kashmir), Ghulam Haider CA-IV (Okara), Mohammad Hussain SNA-IV (Gujar Khan, Rawalpindi) and Amjad Nadeem AEA-IV (Mirpur, A.J.K). Among sailors Sher Rehman LAWT (Tela band, Peshawar) and Rana Iftekhar Ahmed Nasir CT-I (Kamoke, Lahore) were also on board.
Oct 30, 1999 PA Mushshak Gujranwala 2 K Two army captains Shahid Aulak and Massod Ullah Baig were killed when their trainer crashed nose first into the ground. The two pilots were on a training mission from the nearby Rahwali Base.
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Apr 5, 2000 A-5C Fantan Nr Pindi Gheb 1 OK The pilot bailed out safely when his plane crashed 16km from Pindi Gheb.
Apr 7, 2000 F-7P Lachi 1 K A fighter jet crashed in town of Lachi, near Kohat in NWFP killing its pilot Flight Lieutenant Zia-ul-Hasan, who recieved fatal injuries.
Jun 27, 2000 2 x Mushshak Nr Razmak 4 OK The two Mushshaks of the Pakistan Army Aviation made emergency landing due to bad weather in North Waziristan. Four pilots sustained minor injuries as they attempted to take the planes away from the population. They were admitted to a local hospital. The planes were slightly damaged. The planes were on routine training mission when they made crash landing near Razmak town. The para-military "Shawal Rifles" cordoned off the area while the local authorities declared emergency in the local hospitals. The people also helped the authorities in rescue operation.
Jul 5, 2000 Mirage 5 Nr Mauripur 1 OK The PAF Mirage crashed 40 miles north of Masroor AB. The pilot ejected safely.
Jul 20, 2000 F-7P D I Khan 1 OK An F-7 fighter plane, probably from No.25 OCU squadron, crash-landed at Dera Ismail Khan airport. The pilot emerged unhurt. The plane was on a routine flight from Hyderabad to Mianwali when it developed some technical fault and made crash-landing.
Jul 27, 2000 Mushshak Rawalakot 2 OK An Army Aviation Mushshak crashed Thursday near Rawalakot in Pakistan-administered Kashmir, injuring both pilots. The plane was on a routine training flight when it developed problems and was forced to make an emergency landing. The incident caused no other damage.
Sep 12, 2000 Mirage Karachi 1 OK A Mirage fighter crashed 5km north of Masroor AB after it developed a fault during a routine mission. The pilot ejected safely.
Oct 04, 2000 Jet Jhang 1 OK The PAF was fighter on a routine mission when it crashed 25kms northwest of Jhang. The pilot ejected safely.
Nov 10, 2000 Mirage 5EF France 1 OK A PAF Mirage being upgraded in France crashed during a test flight.