Quetta class

These Chinese-built craft were transferred to Pakistan in 1972-1973. They are based on the earlier Chinese Shanghai I** patrol craft that were slightly smaller and had a different gun armament. 4 units are operated by the Maritime Security Agency (MSA).

The basic hull design is flush-decked with a gentle bow sheer and considerable bow flare. There are 2 versions in Chinese service, the earlier design with a squared-off bridge and the later with a stepped bridge; the units transferred to Pakistan are the later design. The tall lattice mast is stepped abaft the very small deckhouse and supports the search radar.

Armament consists of a 37-mm twin gun mount forward of the bridge and another on the fantail, plus 2 25-mm twin guns abaft the deckhouse. Depth charge racks and mine rails can be fitted.

8 craft were transferred in 1972 and 3 in 1973. 2 of the ships are in reserve (since 1982) and 4 others were transferred to the Maritime Security Agency when it was formed in January 1987. Units of this class have been transferred from China to several nations; they remain in Chinese service.

Ship List

 Pennant  Name        Status        Pennant  Name        Status
 P 141    QUETTA      MSA           P 148    SEHWAN      MSA
 P 142    LAHORE      Active        P 149    BAHAWALPUR  Active
 P 143    MARDAN      Active        P 154    BANNU       Reserve
 P 144    GILGIT      Active        P 156    KALAT       Reserve
 P 145    PISHIN      Active        P 157    KARKANA     MSA
 P 147    SUKKUR      Active        P 160    SAHIWAL     MSA


 Displacement        120 tons standard
                     155 tons full load
      length         127 ft 3 in (38.8 m) overall
      beam            18 ft 1 in ( 5.5 m)
      draft            5 ft 7 in ( 1.7 m)
 Propulsion          2 diesels (M50-F4); 2,400 bhp
                     2 diesels (12D6); 1,820 bhp;
                     4 shafts
      speed          30 kts
      range          800 nm at 17 kts
 Manning             approx 35
 Combat Systems
      guns           4 37-mm/63-cal AA (2 twin)
                     4 25-mm/80-cal AA (2 twin)
      ASW weapons    2 depth charge racks [8]
      mines          rails for 10 mines can be fitted
      radars         1 Skin Head** or Pot Head** surface search