MG 110 Midget Submarine

These submarines were built in Pakistan under the supervision of the Italian company Cosmos. They are built to an enlarged SX 756 design and have replaced the older SX 404 design submarines, which have now been retired.

These submarines can transport up to eight swimmers on raiding or reconnaissance missions, or perform other tasks in shallow waters such as mining. Armament consists of two torpedo tubes that can be loaded with SUT type torpedoes, up to eight limpet type mines can be carried in place of the torpedoes, or a pair of two-man underwater swimmer chariots.

Sensors only include a pair of Pilkingtom CK 39 periscopes.

These subs are believed to have an endurance of 20 days.

Three of these submarines were purchased in 1988. One was lost in 1995, but has been replaced. All are active.

COSMOS Shipbuilders, Livorno


 Displacement:       118 tons submerged
      length         91 ft 2 in (16.0 m)
      beam            6 ft 7 in ( 2.0 m)
 Propulsion:         diesel-electric; 1 shaft
      speed          7 kts submerged
      range          1,200 nm
                     60 nm at 7 kts submerged
 Manning:            6 + 8 swimmers
 Combat Systems:
      torpedo tubes  2 21-in (533-mm) torpedo tubes for AEG SUT wire guided
                     torpedoes [2]
      mines          8 Mk 414 Limpet type in place of torpedoes