DR 3000 ESM

(DR 3000) is primarily a naval electronic support measures (ESM) system, i.e., a naval, tactical, passive/intercept capability for receiving, analyzing and processing non-communications signals (i.e., radar and NAVAID) of interest to tactical naval commanders. (Sometimes tactical ESM systems are also used to support strategic/national intelligence and command and control purposes.) As of late 1993, (DR 3000) was produced in three versions for fitting to aircraft, submarines and surface ships. There also may be a ground-based version derived from the surface-ship variant. (DR 3000) is a contemporary derivative of the older DR 2000 and DR 4000 ESM systems that have been in service in about 25 national navies and have been license-produced in Beijing, People's Republic of China. Development was announced in 1988; IOC occurred in 1991. In 1991-92 orders were placed to equip French frigates and Omani corvettes with (DR 3000). In 1993, the basic design model was standardized for naval installations.

(DR 3000) is an international designation/nomenclature. The French nomenclature is ARBR-18. In contrast with the older DR suites (DR 3000) is smaller and lighter and employs a low-noise amplifier in the antenna to improve sensitivity. It also has improved instantaneous direction-finding accuracy of about 1 degree azimuth with even higher resolutions available as options at fee. A proprietary IFM measures radio frequencies on a single pulse to within 2-3 MHz accuracy. A windowed processor compares newly received pulses with those previously catalogued with up to 256 pulses identified and tracked in the system's memory. (DR 3000) acquires new signals rapidly operating in a very dense pulse environment. In significant state-of-art development, an artificial intelligence (AI) software application is used to identify received pulses using an expert system technique.

It is in production and in service at the end of 1993. Replacing older ARUR and ARUD systems on all French submarines starting with RUBIS-class SSN and AGOSTA-class SSK. Two new LE TRIOMPHANT-class SSBNs will receive (DR 3000) as original equipment.

Thomson CSF Aerospace Group, Boulogne- Billancourt, France

France, Qatar, China, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Taiwan, Pakistan.


   RF coverage        B-K bands (DR 3000S)
                      D-K bands (DR 3000A/U)
   Antenna Array   masthead arrays with omnidirectional and
                   monopulse directional elements (DR 3000S/U);
                   6 DF and 1 IFM antenna (DR 3000A).

   Total weight   150 kg (330 lbs.)


   DR-3000A - aircraft
   DR-300OU (ARUR-13) - submarines
   DR-3000S (ARBR-18) - surface ships and renomenclatured
                        DR 3000N in 1993
   DBI-3000 - the DR 3000S integrated with the Salamandre jammer.

The ergonomics of (DR 3000) are reported to have presented considerable development difficulties. Problems may persist. There also is an analytical and available data question as to whether or not and in what numbers (DR 3000) may be used by ground forces, mobile and/or fixed.

(DR 3000) is a radar identifying, warning, surveillance and emitter-locating system also used for electronic intelligence (ELINT) collection that competes, in terms of foreign military sales, with Israeli, British and U.S. systems.