S 131 HANGOR class


These small attack submarines were built in France specifically for sale to Pakistan, except the Ghazi, which was purchased from Portugal in 1975.

The submarines have a double-hull design with a flat outer hull casing, except for the sonar dome bulge at the bow. They are powered by two SEMT-Pielstick 12PA4-135 diesels. The submarines have been fitted with the Sub-Harpoon anti-ship missile, which is fired from torpedo tubes. The rear firing tubes are externally loaded and cannot be accessed from inside the boat.


All 4 submarines are in active service. The Ghazi replaced the ex-US Tench (SS 417)-class submarine (DIABOLO/ SS 479) of the same name that was sunk while attempting to torpedo the Indian aircraft carrier Vikrant during the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War. These submarines were the only units of the Pakistani Fleet to offer substantial resistance to the Indian Navy in the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War. On 9 December 1971 the Hangor torpedoed and sank the Indian frigate Khukri off the coast of West Pakistan.

These submarines are to be replaced by Agosta 90B class of submarines currently under construction in France and Pakistan.


Hangor - Arsenal de Brest
Shushuk, Mangro - C.N. Ciotat, Le Trait
Ghazi - Dubigeon, Normandy (Nates)



Ship List
Pennant Name Launched

into Pak Navy

S 131 Hangor 06-28-1969 01-12-1971 Active
S 132 Shushuk 07-30-1969 01-12-1971 Active
S 133 Mangro 02-07-1970 08-08-1972 Active
S 134 Ghazi 09-23-1968 10-01-1976 Active
Daphne stats
Dimensions Length 57.8 m
  Beam 6.8 m
  Drought 4.5 m
Displacement Standard 700 tons
  Surface 869 tons
  Submerged 1043 tons
Endurance   45 days
Accomodaion Sailors 50
Proplusion Shafts 2
  Diesel engines 2 x 2,448 bhp
  Electric motors 2 x 2,600 shp
Performance Speed submerged 16 kts
  Speed surfaced 13.5 kts
  Diving depth 300 m (985 ft)
  Range snorkling 4300 nm at 7.5 kts
Tubes   12
Armament Torpedoes L5
  Missiles SGM-84 Sub-Harpoon
  Mines Stonefish
  Total carried 12