Hashmat Class (Agosta 70)


These submarines were built in France, initially for sale to South Africa. After the 1977 United Nations arms embargo they instead were sold to Pakistan. They are of the same design as the French AGOSTA class and are Pakistan's largest and most modern submarines.

These double-hull submarines are known for their quiet operation and large battery capacity, which at 320 cells is twice that of the HANGOR-class submarines (French DAPHNE design) also in service with Pakistan. These subs use two SEMT-Pielstick 16PA4-V185 diesel engines rated at 3,600 bhp. At-sea endurance is 45 days. The submarines are highly automated, requiring only a few crew members more than needed to operate the smaller HANGOR class.

In 1984-1985 these submarines were fitted to carry the Sub-Harpoon anti-ship missile. The Sub-Harpoons are fired from the torpedo tubes. (The French AGOSTA class carried the SM 39 Exocet.)


Both units are in active service; they were sold to Pakistan in 1978. Three newer versions, Agosta 90Bs, are currently under construction for the Pakistani navy. They will be armed with SM 39 Exocet missiles and torpedoes.

Intended South African names were ASTRANT and ADVENTUROUS, respectively.


Dubigeon, Normandy (Nantes)


Ship List
Pennant Name Launched

into Pak Navy

S 135 Hashmat 12-14-1977 02-17-1979 Active
S 136 Hurmat 12-01-1978 02-18-1980 Active


Agosta 70 stats
Dimensions Length 67.6 m
  Beam 6.8 m
  Drought 5.4 m
Displacement Standard 1230 tons
  Surface 1450 tons
  Submerged 1725 tons
Endurance   45 days
Accomodaion Officers 8
  Sailors 51
Proplusion Shafts 1
  Diesel engines 2 x 3,600 bhp
  Main electric motor 4,600 hp
  Cruising electric motor 23 hp
Performance Speed submerged 20.5 kts
  Speed surfaced 12 kts
  Diving depth 300m (985 ft)
  Range snorkling 9000nm at 9 kts
  Range submerged 180nm at 3.5 kts on crusing motor
Tubes   4
Armament Torpedoes F-17P
  Missiles SGM-84 Sub-Harpoon
  Mines Stonefish
  Total carried 16