Naseem Al-Bahr

The Pakistani and Saudi Arabian navies concluded a week-long combined exercise, codenamed 'Naseem Al-Bahr' ('Wind of the Sea') on May 9, 2000. The objective of the exercise was to enhance co-operation between the two services.

Seven Royal Saudi Navy ships, including frigates and mine countermeasures vessels, participated in the exercise, which was staged in the Arabian Sea, west of Karachi.

The operational readiness of different sensors, electronic warfare, equipment and weapons was assessed by officers from both navies.

Senior officials later met in Karachi to evaluate and analyse the lessons of the exercise.

After the exercise the Pakistan Navy taskforce - comprising the PNS Tariq, PNS Badr, and PNS Khaibar frigates and the submarine PNS Hashmat - made a goodwill visit to the Persian Gulf. The ships visited Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Iran, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.