Hammerhead 2000

The inaugural session of Pakistan Navy's 22nd annual tactical phase war-game "Hammerhead 2000" was held at the navy's Tactical School, PN Dockyard from July 14 to July 20. The Chief Executive, Gen Pervez Musharraf, was the chief guest on the occasion and was received by the Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral Abdul Aziz Mirza.

Hammerhead 2000 is the 22nd of the series of conceptual exercises conducted annually.

The aim of these war-games is to assess the maritime threat faced by the country, review the naval force goals and merchant marine infrastructure for development of plans for evolving a maritime strategy consonant with the prevailing geo-political situation in the region. Concepts evolved in the war-games are put to practical test in actual operations at sea during the Navy's annual maritime exercise. Though it primarily revolves round the maritime scenario, all relevant aspects like the parallel land and air battles are also taken into consideration.

During the exercise, various elements of the Navy were suitably allocated to different forces which under the command of senior naval officers were pitched against each other in specific multi-threat environments.

After the conclusion of the exhaustive tactical phase the commanders carried out the detailed analysis of the performances of their respective forces. The prepared reports indicated various new maritime concepts evolved to achieve national objective and recommendations to overcome any shortcomings that were presented in the closing session of war-games.