Shooting Down a Ferret

Pilots Wg Cdr Abdul Razzak (leader)
Sdq Ldr Sikander Hayat (no.2)
Controller Sqd Ldr Pervaiz Ali Khan
Date 30 March 1987
Aircraft shot 1 x An-26
Area Near Miranshah

Wing Commander Abdul Razzak and his No. 2, Squadron Leader Sikander Hayat were vectored towards two slow speed intruders that the controller visualized to be electronic intelligence (ELINT) aircraft heading towards a radar position at Parachinar. He had no hesitation in the existing wartime conditions, to permit the F-16s to shoot down the military transport aircraft, which though unarmed was violating Pakistan air space. Wing Commander Razzaq recalls the encounter in the following words:

The vector given by the controller started the flow of adrenaline. All the preparatory actions were over in less than 30 seconds. The bandits (two of them) were reported close to Parachinar; another 30-40 miles had to be covered. Soon the controller reported that now only one bandit was violating the border. The second had turned away. When I bought the target into the TD box at 3-4 NM, I realized that it was a slow moving, larger aircraft. I asked for permission to shoot, which was quickly given. With an overtake rate of well over 200 knots and a low IR signature; the minimum range cue was lying close to 4,000 feet. Effectively, I had no more than a 1.5 second firing window available. Everything worked as convieved and with a press of the button, the missile was on its way. As I was breaking off, I saw the missile impact the target. No. 2 also released his missile, which also impacted the target. The enemy aircraft crashed on snow-clad mountains below.