Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules

Country of Origin:United States of America.
Type:Tactical transport.
Powerplant:C-130E - Four 3020kW (4050shp) Allison T56-A-17 turboprops, driving four blade propellers.
Performance:C-130E - Max cruising speed 592km/h (320kt). Max initial rate of climb 1830ft/min. Service ceiling 23,000ft. Range with max fuel with a 9080kg (20,000lb) payload 7565km (4085nm), range with maximum payload 3895km (2105nm).
Weights:C-130E - Operating empty 33,064kg (72,892lb), max normal takeoff weight 70,310kg (155,000lb).
Accommodations:Typical crew of five with two pilots, flight engineer, navigator and loadmaster. Standard layout seats 92 troops, 64 paratroopers, or 74 stretcher patients and two medical attendants. Can carry light armoured vehicles, artillery pieces and 4WDs.
Operators:In service with over 60 countries.
History:The Hercules was developed against a 1951 requirement for a new tactical transport to equip the Military Air Transport Service. The USAF ordered two YC-130 prototypes from Lockheed in July 1951 and it flew for the first time on August 23 1954. The first production C-130 flew in April 1955.

The Hercules established the basic military transport configuration, with a high wing with minimal obstruction of the fuselage and a rear folding loading freight ramp. Other features included Allison T56 turboprops, pressurisation and limited VSOTL performance. Apart from the blunt radarless nose of the early production C-130As, the external configuration has still remained unchanged.

The improved C-130B entered service in mid 1959 and introduced a more powerful engine driving four balde propellors, strengthened undercarriage and greater fuel capacity. In 1961 production switched to the C-130E with more powerful engines with greater Hot and High performance, increased max takeoff weight, some structural strengthening and larger external fuel tanks.

C-130H introduced in 1965 featured more powerful engines and updated avionics. The C-130H-30 is stretched by 4.57m (15ft) but is otherwise similar to the C-130H. The C-130H production ceased in 1996, with 690 built. Civil C-130 are designated L-100 and have been built in three versions. L-100 with regular length, L-100-20 are further stretched and L-100-30 are the size of the C-130H-30. C-130 has now come out with the most comprehensive C-130J Hercules II version with changes in engines, cockpit, and systems.

2 C-130Bs ordered and delivered in 1982.

PAF Squadrons:

  • No. 6 Squadron