Beech B-55 Baron

Country of Origin:United States of America.
Type:Light transport.
Powerplant:Two 212kW (285hp) Teledyne Continental IO-520-C.
Performance:Max rate of climb at sea level 1670ft (510m) per minute; service ceiling 20,900ft (6370m); range 993nm (1143miles, 1840km).
Weights:Operating empty 1395kg (3075lb), max takeoff 2404kg (5300lb).
Accommodations: Six.
Operators:US Army Reserve, Argentina, Brazil, Haiti, Mexico, Pakistan, Paraguay, Spain, Togo, Turkey.
History:The Model 95-55 or Baron 55 first flew on 29 February 1960. An optional sixth seat was introduced with the Baron A55, available from January 1962. The Baron was built in large numbers primarily for civilian use in successively upgraded series (B55, C55, D55 and E55), the provision of a 30-in longer cabin and more powerful engines in the late 1969 resulting in the Baron 58. Production continued until the early 1990s. The Baron was procured for utility and liasion roles by various military forces and in February 1965, was chosen by the US Army for use as a twin-engined instrument trainer. Many still serve with various countries in different roles.
PAF Squadrons:
  • No. 41 Squadron