No. 9 Squadron

No. 9 Multi Role Squadron is the senior-most squadron of the PAF and has always been considered its most elite unit. The F-86, F-104, Mirage, and the F-16 aircraft have been on the inventory of this squadron. Since Air Marshal Asghar Khan, seven Chiefs of the Air Staff have been members of this squadron. Undoubtedly no other PAF Squadron pilots can be as proud of his history as a Griffin. This squadron celebrated its fifty year anniversary on 14 October 1993. The Griffins, in their unique style, made the occasion a memorable one.

The squadron was awarded 'Best Combat Ready Squadron', 'Combat Flying Training' and 'Maintenance Efficiency' trophies for the year 1991, and earned the title of 'Top Gun-1991'. The squadron again won the 'Inter-Squadron Maintenance Efficiency Trophy' for the year 1993. The Griffins led the Pakistan Day fly-past contigent and won the 'Best Formation Trophy' for the year 1996. It also earned the coveted title of 'Sher Afgan' by securing the first position in the ISAC-96. Squadron Leader Aasim Zaheer was declared 'Sher Afgan' of the competition. The Griffins had the distinction of being the 'Best Multi-Role Squadron' of the PAF in 1996. It also won the 'Maintenance Efficieny Trophy' for the year 1996-97. In 1997, it earned the 'War Preparedness' and 'Best Cambat Ready Squadron' trophies for the year, and yet again was declared 'Top Gun'. The squadron was deployed at PAF Base Samungli on 27 May 1998 to provide air defence cover in connection with the nuclear tests. It successfully accomplished the deployment at very short notice.

Wing Commander Azher Hasan, Officer Commanding, 9 Squadron, PAf, appeared in a live TV interview on PTV World in connection with the Defence Day Celebrations in 1998. It was acknowledgement of the squadron's performance and the meritorious services rendered to the PAF and to the nation. Wing Commander Azher Hasan, in his interview, talked about the history and contributions made by the squadron in times of peace and war.

The squadron took part in all the operational exercises that the PAF normally cinducts. These included DACT Camps, Saffron Bandit, High Mark exercises, mulit-national exercises and numerous air defence exercises. Five pilots of this squadron moved to Masroor with their aircraft on 7 October 1996 to participate in the ISAC-96. The team won the 'Sher Afgan Trophy'. The sqadron came out as the best amongst the finest in the Air Force. It participated in the Pakistan Independence Day Golden Jubilee fly-past in 7 September 1997, along with the Turkish Air Force team of four F-16 aircraft, that had flown to Pakistan especially for the purpose. The squadron also participated in the air show at the Capital Park Islamabad, arranged by the PAF on 24 November 1997 to mark the Golden Jubilee Independence celebrations. Wing Commander Azher Hasan performed solo aerobatics.

The No. 9 Squadron was regularly visited by VIPs, and foreign dignitaries including the President and Prime Minister of Paksitan, Chairman JCSC, C-in-C US Central Command, and several other foreign Chiefs of Air Staff.