Exercise High Mark

By periodically testing all assets of the PAF at the same time in a warlike situation, the exercise series called 'High Mark' gives participants a good understanding of how they will fly and fight under challenging environments. When all the units of the PAF are deployed simoltaneously at numerous locations, there are no days ot nights. The personnel manning the squadron are made to live and operate in exactly the environment that they would face during an actual war. High Mark also gives a tremendous initiative to the young commanders in the field who are asked to look after their own assets and to act independently. It is important to cultivate in a young commander the ability to handle highly dynamic situations. It is equally important to test all systems, not only flying, logistics, and weapons, but also the working of the operations branch in simulated wartime conditions. The exercise includes various aspects like administration, deployments, the C-130 support, management of airdefence elements, and even other logistic chains like the railway, etc. These exercises have paid dividends over the years, as the squadrons learnt to deploy in the shortest possible time, often surpassing the redeployment standards laid down by the planners at Air HQs. The 'Operational Readiness Inspection' (ORI) during these exercises has also proved very useful. During the last decade, High Mark exercises were held during 1989, 1993, and 1995.